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Great company. I should know as I work for them! We have great reviews from Reallymoving and Checkatrade so google us and see. Note we are no longer part of National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) so please delete this mention from the description (sorry no other contact details to ask for such changes and we do not want to be sued?!).
Clearly run by a number of incompetent staff, their systems are not secure, do not use them.
"Built" a conservatory at our house. The workmanship was absolutely appalling. I have never seen such a disgraceful attempt at bricklaying from a supposed expert. It took numerous attempts to even build the dwarf wall for the frame to go on top of and even then they didn't get it right in the end. It is the first time I have ever had to "repair/correct" brand new plasterwork before it could be painted. They had to use expanding foam to fill the gaps along the roofline it was so badly put up. The self levelling floor for the tiles to go on was not even close to being flat/level. Their "expert" designers planned a gutter downcomer in a location it was actually impossible to fit correctly and had no steps for a 2 foot drop to ground level. The communication between them and the sub-contractors they used was virtually non-existent. It was basically weeks of hassle and aggravation chasing up supervisors to get numerous faults/errors corrected that A) should never have happened B) they should have sorted themselves. To cap it all off, bits of the conservatory just actually fell off only days after they finished. From the experience we had I wouldn't trust this firm to put up a tent in a field.
Beware.. You are fooled with your first order by them being extremely efficient. Our second order we had to chase with an e-mail putting doubt in our minds, should really have listened to that doubt.. Our third order has resulted in no response via e-mail and having to raise a dispute through PayPal.... I suspect we will NOT be using them again.
A fast and reliable service which is required in the letting market I would certainly recommend this company to property owners and residential

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